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Laura Vroomen

Dutch to English

Most recent translations

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These are some of my translations. For a more comprehensive list, see my Portfolio


Drinkable Rivers

Li An Phoa &

Maarten van der Schaaf

"A rich tapestry of travelogue, memoir, reportage, philosophical musings, and poetry, Li An Phoa takes the reader on her adventures along rivers on four continents."

(Co-translated with Anna Asbury)

Demons of Leonard Cohen.jpg

The Demons of Leonard Cohen

Francis Mus

"The countless roles assumed by Cohen’s persona are not some innocent games, but strategies in response to the sometimes conflicting demands of a ‘life in art’."

Veggies and Fish.jpg

Veggies & Fish

Bart van Olphen

"Bart van Olphen flips the script in this exciting new cookbook starring healthy, fresh produce, with delicious fish and shellfish in the supporting role."

Walter Lucius.jpg

A Sea of Flames

Walter Lucius

"The riveting and unputdownable thriller for fans of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy."

(Co-translated with Lorraine T. Miller)

How are we going to explain this.jpeg

How Are We Going To Explain This

Jelmer Mommers

"An international bestseller, the first climate book that doesn't leave the reader depressed: realistic and hopeful, witty and clarifying."

(Co-translated with Anna Asbury)

Ice-cream Makers.jpg

The Ice-cream Makers

Ernest van der Kwast

"A dazzling novel about an Italian ice-cream dynasty, tradition, ambition, and the sensation of lemon sorbet melting on your tongue."

In the press

Review of The Housemates:

"At the age of 21 (...) he made the radical decision to move into a nursing home to live as housemate, not employee. The result, this book, has already made waves in his homeland, where it was a bestseller and hand delivered to the prime minister."

Interview with Ernest van der Kwast:

"I thought being an ice-cream maker must be the best job in the world. I’m less romantic about it now. Everyone goes for ice-cream in summer, but they don’t know the story of the people who make it."

The Guardian


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Accredited by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and with a diploma in Dutch-to-English literary translation from University College London, I've been a full-time translator of fiction and non-fiction since 2007.

Novels, short stories, environmental issues, cookery, self-help, health, music, architecture, memoir - these are just a few of the topics I've tackled.

When I'm not translating, I like to take photos.

For more information about rates and availability, please send me an email!

In The Press


For rates and availability, please send me an email

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