Translation as reconciliation

A couple of months ago I translated some blurbs, plot synopses and related bits and pieces for books published by De Bezige Bij. One of the books was Chansons by Bart van Loo. In an interview the Flemish author said 'In the thirties through to the seventies the French chanson was renowned the world over. It was a European genre, with Bécaud as famous in Russia as he was in France, Barbara as popular in Germany as she was in France. (Her “Göttingen” did as much for French-German reconciliation as De Gaulle and Adenauer).'

I like to think that, in a small way, translation can open windows onto a different culture, bridging them, reconciling them in some way. Far-fetched? Maybe, but at least now I have an excuse to post a link to Barbara's charming song:

(And for a translation of those French lyrics I'd like to refer you to a translator with better French than me!)