The ELN Translation Pitch - New Literary Voices

How do publishers find foreign books to publish? Big international trade fairs such as the London Book Fair (of which more in a later post) play an important role. But late last year I came across another initiative: the ELN Translation Pitch, inviting translators to put their favourite book forward. Organised by the Czech Centre London in partnership with English PEN, Free Word, the Translators Association and the Emerging Translators Network, it sets out to "support and promote the work of EU writers who have not yet had a complete work published in English, whilst offering a public platform to emerging translators."

In the eight years I've been working as a freelance translator I've been lucky enough to translate lots of samples from Dutch and Flemish books. Pretty early on, I came across Take 7 by Dutch author Vonne van der Meer. It captivated me from the start and has stayed with me, so it didn't take me long to come up with a book. 

To my great surprise, my proposal was one of eight to be selected for presentation to an audience and jury on 4 June:

My friend and colleague Anna Asbury will be pitching Bankvlees by Flemish writer Jan van Loy. Watch this space!